Hairlekiini hairdressers - the number one choice for the well-being of your hair

Hairlekiini is a nationwide family hairdressing chain, whose skilled hairdressers in 47 different shops bring out the best in every client with their professional skills. At Hairlekiini hairdressers in 30 different locations you can always count on quality, skillful hands and friendly service. We employ more than 200 professionals!

In addition to a wide range of hairdressing services,
Hairlekiini offers high-quality hair cosmetics which our professionals will help you choose. When you visit a hairdresser you can conveniently get the right products and tips for you and your new hair will be great from week to week.

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Opening hours

Mon-Fri 09-20
Sat 09-19
Sun 12-18

Location in the Mall

2nd floor


09 - 321 1170

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