Cookie notification

Sponda uses cookies on the website Therefore, Sponda is obliged to inform the users of the website of the use of cookies.

The disclosure obligation includes the obligation to disclose the method of collection and use of such data.
The goal of the disclosure obligation is to create transparency in the processes that support the user’s navigation through the Internet by collecting data about the user. In addition, the provisions guarantee that the user may supervise the use of such data.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by the browser to the user’s computer or terminal when using the Internet. Cookies are used for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is the appropriate operation of a website.
With a cookie stored in the user’s computer or terminal, the website can remember the user’s device and collect information of the pages and functions used with the user’s browser. This way companies such as Sponda can find out how popular individual pages are or what pages are visited rarely so that they can be improved.

Providing services on the Internet practically and technically requires that the cookies are stored.

Cookies cannot be used for determining the user’s identity, i.e., name or other personal data. Neither will cookies spread computer viruses or other harmful software, nor can they collect information of the other activities the user uses the computer for.

Why does Sponda use cookies?

Sponda uses cookies for a variety of purposes. Firstly, cookies are used for collecting statistical data. Thus, Sponda can investigate how a website is used and thus improve the usability of the website. Naturally, statistical data is anonymous.
Sponda also uses cookies for technical reasons to ensure the proper functionality of the website.

Sponda also uses cookies for marketing so that it can monitor the use of various different websites. These cookies are used for assembling profiles of the users’ search and browsing behaviour.
In addition, Sponda uses cookies for monitoring the users’ browsing habits and functions. Sponda uses the collected data to show content targeted to the users.

If the user does not wish to use Sponda’s cookies, the user can, with most modern browsers, select advanced cookie settings in Internet settings and add the domain to the list of websites whose cookies are not enabled. In these settings, the user can also remove cookies stored by the browser, either one by one or all at once. Please note that if you use more than one computer, the setting must be made on each computer.

The default cookie expiration time is 12 months.

Third party cookies

The website uses third party services to provide the content and analyze the site usage. These parties may store their own cookies. The parties are Elisa Chat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, OneTrust, Leadfeeder, Azure Monitor and Google Analytics.

How do I accept Sponda’s use of cookies?

Sponda is obliged to request the user’s consent to store cookies in the user’s computer or terminal. The consent is requested when the user visits the website for the first time. An informative banner will appear at the bottom of the page, explaining that the site uses cookies and providing a link to further information regarding the cookies. If the user does not click anything, but proceeds further to the website, only strictly necessary cookies of the website will start working as described in the cookies preference center. However, the banner will disappear only after the use has given their cookie consent.

The user may also control the use of cookies via cookies preference center here: Cookie Settings

The user may forbid the storing of cookies in the computer with the browser settings. However, in that case it should be understood that not all functions of the website will work optimally without the cookies. The user can always check the cookies stored in the computer and alter and delete stored cookies.

Rejecting and removing cookies

The user can reject cookies in the browser settings. As stated above, not all functions and services in the Sponda website will work properly if the user has disabled the use of cookies in the browser.

All browsers allow for removing cookies individually or all at once. The settings can be accessed in different ways depending on the browser.

The user may cancel or amend their cookie consent via our our cookies preference center here: Cookie Settings

Other questions

The users of the website may request additional information on cookie use by contacting the customer service at