Forum for Freedom - these are the hottest bubbles of summer 2024

The summer streets are heating and the sun is pampering us with its beams. Even if you have or might not have a summer holiday ahead, the most important thing in summertime is the sense of freedom. At Finland's most iconic shopping centre in the downtown of Helsinki downtown you will find all you need for a successful holiday, summer parties and festivals. Float lightly towards the nightless nights via Forum.

Sunkissed summer

The warmth of summer creates a bubbly feeling in the guts, when the feeling of freedom throughout flows through the body. We want to make the most of what summer has to offer. While floating in the summer bubble, don't forget the important ones: yourself and especially your skin. You may have noticed that summer skin is completely different than during the cold seasons. This is due to UV radiation, which thickens the skin as it builds its own protective layer.

Don't leave your skin alone: remember to protect yourself from the sun daily. After taking care of your skin's well-being, we recommend taking advantage of delicious colour cosmetics and summery floral scents. When you feel like bronzing without wishing to risk it for the harmful effects of the sun, try a good self-tanner. You will get a beautiful glow safely for your skin. While visiting Forum, dive into a real soap bubble in our strong selections of cosmetics flagship stores. Go in there and try the products while receiving the best of expertise from the helpful Forum beuaty professionals.

TOP 5 Forum for Beauty: LYKO, Normal, Rituals, The Body Shop, Yeppo & Soonsoo

In summertime dress however you wish

Small celebrations and big festivals belong to summer. All the warmth gives you the freedom to play with styles in a completely different way than in winter frosts. Set yourself into the festival bubble by building a vibe with clothes and accessories. Y2K fashion is back in stores and evokes either nostalgia or magic charm, depending on the generation one presents. Did it really look that good back then? (We recommend watching a couple of episodes of Friends reruns and you'll find the answer.)

For a topical look, combine a fitted vest top with low-waisted trousers. At the occasions you wish to turn heads with a great look, we highlight full-denim outfits, white linen outfits, strap dresses and cowboy boots, as well as butterfly tops with ribbon details. If you're hesitant about a trending hype, just turn a classic: you can't go wrong with band t-shirts, which one can find a wide range in Carlings Forum. For those who appreciate vintage and second hand, we recommend Beyond Retro and the sunglasses outlet section at Synsam Forum.

TOP 5 Forum for Festivals: Bikbok, Gina Tricot, H&M, Mango, Vero Moda

Delicious summer friends

Whether you're floating in a foodie bubble or find yourself more of a casual café goer, everything tastes better with friends. Our delicacies are quick and easy, and as sinful or healthy as you want. Our two veggie restaurants offer options for both varieties, and our current chain restaurants serve familiar flavours for omnivores. If you wish to enjoy the outdoors, take advantage of Forum Kukontori's terrace restaurants and take a seat on our pastel colored yard swings.

You don't have to go any further for a dessert tip. Let Momochi's mochi ice cream or Happy Times roller ice cream delight your afternoon with something completely new.

TOP 5 Forum for Tastyness: ClassicPizza Restaurant, Hanko Aasia, Just Vege, plants by us, Makaronitehdas

Bubbling under - FORUM X ILLUSION

This summer, Forum invites you to experience a world of illusions! Can you find the letter X? Grow and shrink in Ames's Room, and peek into an Infinity Room. Like the best experiences, this one too works best with a friend, shot with a camera, and shared. Come, see, experience! Read more here.