EuroPark P-CityForum

Easy parking

Parking made easy!

P-CityForum is a EuroPark Autopay parking garage. Parking at P-CityForum is smooth and customer-friendly, as one does not need a parking ticket and there are no barriers at the entrance and exit.

EuroPark P-CityForum indoor car park holds two floors. There are two entrances and exits: Simonkatu, Ruoholahdenkatu and Jaakonkatu (turning from Eteläinen and Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu).
Our Autopay concept is based on the identification of the vehicle’s registration plate. The registration plate is used to start and stop the parking duration when you drive in and out of the parking area.

The Pay Stations are orange in color and are located by the pedestrian routes. The vehicle’s registration number will be needed in order to pay for parking. The Autopay system also enables alternative paying methods.

The easiest way to pay for parking at P-CityForum is to set up an automatic charging account at Register as an Autopay user, add the vehicle registration number and payment card information to the account. In the future the payment card will be charged automatically when driving out of the parking area at no extra cost.

The payment for parking may be done within 48 hours of exiting P-CityForum by vehicle at with no extra cost. The payment for parking may be also done with the EasyPark or Parkman mobile applications. Please remember to check, that the vehicle is in right parking area on the mobile application.

If a user does not use a payment method, the parking fee will be sent as an invoice to the owner of the vehicle. An invoice fee of 5 Euros will be added to the invoice, so it is recommended to use other options for payment.

You can find out more about payment options and other information about the parking garage at

Opening hours
Mon-Sun 6 am - midnight
Exit possible 24/7

Opening hours

Mon-Sun 06-00

Location in the Mall

P floor