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Gigantti's business area is home electronics and related telecommunications and data products. With these products our company conducts nationwide business both with individual consumers and businesses. In addition to several department stores, Gigantti's own online store also serves its customers and offers them easy and reliable product availability around the clock.

Gigantti's operating principle is to offer its customers a wide range of well-known brands at the lowest possible price. The Megastore concept stores, which are gradually spreading all over Finland, strive to ensure the most comprehensive offer possible and alternatives for even the most demanding consumers. In addition to physical products, Gigantti offers a variety of services such as transportation, installations, product security, payment options, etc. to enable a complete user experience. In our business, we strive to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction through the professional expertise of sellers, consumer-friendly prices and a 30-day right to exchange and return products.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10-20
Sat 10-19
Sun 12-18

Exceptional opening hours
  • Juhannusaatto Closed
  • Juhannuspäivä Closed

Location in the Mall

K floor, 0 floor


020 321 321


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