Just Vege

Welcome to indulge in high-quality and innovative options at Justvege! We are here to offer you delicious taste experiences that are perfect for those reducing meat consumption, vegans, and anyone making ethical, moral, or health-related choices.

Since 2014, we have been expanding our customer base by always providing high-quality, entirely vegan food. From our menu, you will find a diverse range of options that please people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

We are proud to have successfully combined healthy and responsible food with creativity and passion. We harness traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes, which we have updated with a gourmet twist.

Additionally, we strive to source our products from local suppliers whenever possible. We want to offer you tasty and fresh food while providing friendly service and excellent value for money.

When you visit us and try our delicious cuisine, we know you'll want to come back. You are always welcome again!

Opening hours

Mon-Sat 10-20.30
Sun 11.30-18

Location in the Mall

0 floor